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Water Quality – Oceans

Metropolitan Air Pollution and Environmental Standards
Warning Level National Standards Measured by
Sulphurous Acid Gas (SO2) Annual Average 0.02ppm lower Pulse U.V. Fluorescence Method
24-hour Average 0.05ppm lower
1-hour Average 0.15ppm lower
Carbon Monoxide
8-hour Average 9ppm lower Non-Dispersive Infrared Method
1-hour Average 25ppm lower
Nitrogen Dioxide
Annual Average 0.03ppm lower Chemiluminescent Method
24-hour Average 0.06ppm lower
1-hour Average 0.10ppm lower
Particulate Matter
Annual Average 50㎍/㎥ lower β-Ray Absorption Method
24-hour Average 100㎍/㎥ lower
Fine Particulate Matter
Annual Average 15㎍/㎥ lower Gravimetric Measurement Method or any other automatic
24-hour Average 35㎍/㎥ lower
8-hour Average 0.06ppml ower U.V Photometric Method
1-hour Average 0.1ppm lower
Annual Average 0.5㎍/㎥ lower Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry
Annual Average 5㎍/㎥ lower Gas Chromatography
  • An hourly average permillage shall not exceed the national standard. An 8-hour or 24-hour average percentage shall not exceed the national standard.
  • Matters with molecular size of 10㎛ or lower are particulate matters (PM-10).
  • Matters with molecular size of 2.5㎛ or lower are fine particulate matters (PM-2.5).
  •     Source: Enforcement Decree of FRAMEWORK ACT OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY (Enacted on Mar. 27, 2018)